Featured on Middle Tennessee Music’s “Indie Music Spotlight - Top Rock and Pop Picks”, June 21, 2016


"Moody as a hormonal teenager, Boomlights’ ‘Visitors’ captures the mellow, plodding feel of everyday life..."



Mytacism Music, June 14, 2016


“New sincere indie rock out of Nashville” - Born Music Online, June 13, 2016

It’s dark and dirty, with guitars that reflect the grit and dirt of the song’s origins. It is, you might imagine, about something sultry and seductive. But I’ll leave that to your discerning ears to decide. Nevertheless, you might want to wash your headphones after this one… but the site can’t be all sunshine and lollypops. Boomlights help us keep in touch with our more carnal side.
— Ear to the Ground Music, July 19, 2016
We're Boomlights -  a band from Nashville, TN and what you see is what you get. We've played all of our favorite venues in this town including the High Watt, the East Room, Foobar/Cobra, Crying Wolf, Springwater, etc. and we're looking forward to what lies outside this city - big or small.
It's all good vibes - if you're checking us out in regards to coming to a show, booking or even something larger just know that we're people. We're with you, if you have questions just ask.
[A]n impressive debut EP. Tracks like the electric guitar-driven alt. rock ballad, ‘Visitors,’ with Compton’s tortured, soulful vocals, and the more edgy, garage rock cut, ‘Behave Like Animals,’ are some of the standout tracks from the band’s new four-track EP, Forty-One Fifteen Sessions.
— Indie Rock Cafe, July 18, 2016