Hey, you made it! Good to see ya! Nice. Yeah...


So… Hmmm, the bio? Ughh. Where to begin... We're hardly storytellers, you must understand that. Let’s just go with a short summary, yeah? Easy on you and easy on us, right? I mean, if it really does interest you we’ll figure out a better way to tell the whole thing - “the long version” as they say, but for now we’ll keep it simple.


We’re five transplants, three from the East Coast and two from the South, and now we all live in Nashville. It’s shaped everything about the way we write. Not to wax poetic too hard but we feel like we try to fill a void, an absence of certain sounds that you’d be hard pressed to catch in this city. It’s not the easiest thing to describe the vibe we have or what we’re going for, that may be just because it’s us writing this, but the sound is familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. After all, what does “indie” really mean these days? Yeah, we’re not too sure either. It's a melting pot filled with smaller melting pots. Or something like that anyway. 


 Okay, we've got an idea. Music, in the general sense, lets talk about that. We find music to be all purpose, beautifully utilitarian and fleeting. Music is something you can dance to, chill to, party to - it’s that good friend with whom you still want to do every daily motion with even after all these years. That’s what we strive to do. That makes sense, right? Yeah. Man, just do yourself a favor and just check us out already, enough reading for now - this isn't going so well.


Still here? Okay, final effort. It's like this - if beautiful vocal melodies, glacial guitars, rumbling 808’s, low end synth and poignant bass lines are your thing then stick around, vibe a while. We probably should have just started with that...

Vocals, Guitar// Tony Compton

Lead guitar// Alexander Jones

Bass// Derrek Jones

Percussion// Adam Puff

Synths// Matt Barry

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